Make Your Night Insomnia Free – With Our Good Night Guide

Do you have poor sleeping habits? Have anxiety problems? Have sleeping distractions? Difficulty in falling asleep?

No problem!

Take a deep breath, eat healthily & stay active!

But this is not enough then what’s next? Take a look at our GOOD NIGHT guide and grab some pro tips to get insomnia free night.
Let’s get started!

Well, anxiety and depression are common problems nowadays. Maybe 80% of people worldwide have been suffered from these problems throughout life. Alas! No one takes seriously!

Changing your sleeping pattern can’t stay away from you from insomnia because, in some studies, it’s found that suffering from insomnia can be a psychological problem.

But having control over emotions, thoughts, and anger can solve your insomnia or sleeping disorder problem.

Let’s dive into insomnia solutions!

1. Make Your Wake-up Time Uniform-In order to train your body you need to make your wake-up time consistent also it is a highly effective method to beat insomnia.
It will keep you fresh throughout the day and makes you active.

2. Now Make Your Bedroom A Well Sleep Place- Well, you all do this, but my concern is different. I’m talking about the distraction-free room and a comfortable bed mattress. Moreover, use your bed either for sleeping or sex.

That means don’t do another activity on bed e.g watching tv or eating. If you wish, you could read some romantic books. It’ll help you to fall asleep easily & lead you to sweet dreams

Checklist To Sleepwell For Insomnia Patients-

Choose perfect colors like dark blue, green, etc.
Be aware of ceiling problems.
Make it a clean & simple place.
 Choose a comfortable bed & mattress.
If possible, stay away from the pillow.
Include private nook.
Cover the window.
Find a suitable room temperature & light.
Keep away from the mobile.
Set the alarm for wake-up.
Drink water before sleep.
Remember some sweet memories.
Don’t afraid of the future.
Have a good sleep.😪

3.Regular Exercise-Believe me, Regular exercise always helps you to easy sleep moreover, it’ll help you to remain fit and makes you strong.
Well from the word EXERCISE, I don’t mean to go to the gym!
You can do YOGA at your home it’s more reliable, completely free, and required less time.
So, what are you waiting for?
Including Yoga in your daily activities can improve your medical condition and improve your sleeping disorder. Moreover, Yoga is the best option for insomnia patients too, instead of doing anything else.

These are the three best poses of  Yoga for insomnia patients-

  • Legs up the wall
  •  Corpse pose
  • Lying butterfly

Look onto some more Yoga poses that will help you to stay away from sleep problems by thedeepsleepco   

4. Don’t Nap At Afternoon- Well, it’s not a proven fact, but still an idea!
It seems whenever we nap in the afternoon then it is harder to fall asleep at night especially for insomnia patients.

And having EXTRA SLEEP at the weekends is also completely destroys your sleeping routine and leads you to bad sleeping habits. So don’t do this!


5. Eat & Drink Healthy Food & Beverages- Have you ever listen to the Nestle tagline? Good food, Good life
Hell yes! This tagline says a lot.
Good food helps you to improve your medical condition and recovers your anxiety disorders. In short, healthy eating habits make you younger.

Healthy foods minify your risk factors to falling into short-term insomnia. Here are some of the best foods that can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and circadian rhythm.
So, be smart what you eat & limit your caffeine consumptions.

Healthy Food Recommendation By NutrientExperts-

Maximize the list of nutrient-packed food.
Don’t forget the power grains.
Include the sources of protein.
Green vegetables-eat well.
Drink water.
Some of your favorite fruit.
Balance your meal.

If you’re running a shortage of time, Watch this video out-

6. Keep Calm your Mind, Say Bye To Stress- Stress makes your mind aggressive. It can be the reason for your headache problem that leads you towards migraine or panic attacks.
Types of Headache-

So, taking your stress or sleep disorder problems lightly can be harmful.

Do you know? In the study of 2001, It was found that 70% of people who suffered from migraine and panic disorders were unbelievably facing short-term insomnia problems also.

Unfortunately, you heard it right!
Thus facing stress problems for a short period of time may be normal but continue stress disorder or headache disorder admits you into insomnia problems.

Some Stress Relief Tips For Happy Mind-

Wake-up early
Sleep well
Laugh more
Eat Healthy
Connect with friends

Regular exercise

Weekend trips

Get creative

Watch motivational videos

Follow some inspiring people
Deep breathing
Listen to audio clips or songs
Positive attitude

7. Make Your Time Table For Insomnia Free Life- Make a dedicated time table list for the insomnia free program.

Having a dedicated time table can be a good solution to stay away from panic attacks, sleep problems, and intense fear or sleep problems. Your insomnia free time table should look like-
Mark your go-to bedtime.
Mark your early wake-up time.
Mark your go out time during the night.
How many times you feel difficulty falling asleep.
What thoughts awake you.
What conditions make you aggressive.
What things make you relaxed. Repeat them!
Is sunlight affecting your mood? Note them!
How much time do you feel hungry? Is it normal?
Is conversation irritating you without any reason? Take it seriously!
Is your mood swings too fast? Mark this!

9. Take Time To Relax- Take out some time from the busy schedule and breathe deep. Take a rest break every 30 or 60 minutes (micro-breaks) it will help you to feel less tired.

Mostly micro-breaks are 2-3 minutes long, during these micro-breaks, you can do nothing but some conversation with your co-workers or friends.

These short breaks help you to improve sleep disorders and make you fit. Insomnia Patients
Micro-breaks Will Helps You In-
Increase the productivity level.
Feeling comfortable.
Improve efficiency.
More creativity.
Improve sleep disorders.
Stay away from insomnia.
Less headache.
Remove your stress.
Great, you read it out!
Now it’s your turn! So, what’s your sleeping distraction? We’ll help you to improve your sleep. Stay connected with us for more great tips & hacks!
TA-DA Good Night & have sweet dreams!!

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