A benzodiazepine such as Xanax is an anti-anxiety and a short-term medication, as well. It is a prescription medication, which means it is illegal to use without prescription due to its misuse. 

Xanax gives calming effects and euphoria to treat anxiety or panic disorders. Sometimes, it is also used in nausea by chemotherapy. Can a Xanax kill you

It is a widely prescribed medication in the class of benzodiazepines, and it should be looked upon how dangerous it really can be. 

It is virtually impossible to kill yourself by the overdose of anti-anxiety medication, does the same hold for Alprazolam? Likely it is.

It is clinically tested on animals that a single dose will kill 50% of test animals, which ranges from 331mg to1271 mg of drug per kilo of body weight approx, the equivalent of 76-292 mg, hundreds of 0.5 mg pills. Nonetheless, these values can be helpful, they can differentiate between the highly toxic medicines, and those are not. According to the data of Rodent, Xanax is not to be expected deadly to humans.

According to the few reports, the safety profile of Xanax is inferior to Valium or other common medicines. The deadly dose of it is approx 10 to1000-times that of its maximum prescribed dosage. By distinction, this rate of lethal dose/maximum prescribed dose is much cheaper for the subsequent basic drugs (lower numbers symbolize a greater chance of a deadly overdose of ingesting massive amounts of the medication.

Xanax can become fatal when it is taken with alcohol or other medicines that can interact with it. The risk of death is not with a single dose; it can be when it is especially taken with alcohol.

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