Privacy Policy 


Xanax High, a health and medication service provider secures the privacy and safety of its customers and users. This privacy policy applies to all the teams, services, and others services on the website. So, the privacy policy encloses our team including content writers, doctors, a support team, medicines, services, and all your interactions on our website. The privacy policy includes information about how we collect, process, and use customer data for the benefit of our clients. 

                                      “Your Privacy, Our Responsibility” 

Information We Collect 

During your session on our website, we may collect some specific information with your permission. For contacting, purchasing, and using any service you may need to give information including your name, email, and phone number. While purchasing and for shipping purposes, your information will be collected including your address, your debit or credit card details, and other contact information. We can also store your information like browser information, IP address, location, the page you visited on our website, your interest in products, etc. 

Personal Information like your passwords, card details, and address will be stored in encrypted form in a protected way. There will be no irregularities from our side. However, we may change our data storing policies, so you may visit it before providing your data. By providing your data you are allowing us to use and store it according to our policies. 

How we use Collected Information

The information that we collect is mostly used for your further assistance and to provide you with the best. We use this information to see your interests and may send you emails and messages for the latest updates, new products, services, and other major updates and changes. Also, when you log in to your account, you will know where you left it, your previous order, current order status, etc. Therefore, this storage of data makes the user experience more satisfying on the website. 

There can be times we may use your data for surveys to get inside information about our product or service interest as per user. We do not share your information, especially the encrypted information, no one can have access to it. However, we may share your name, email, and phone number with third parties in case of an advertisement. This is done to keep your interests in mind and show you the relevant advertisements. 

You can also receive emails or texts regarding updates, payment details, shopping confirmations, and feedback. You can always unsubscribe to these emails or messages at your convenience. 

Third-Party Involvement 

We do not allow and have a strict policy against third parties. Your information is absolutely safe with us and we do not transfer your data to any third party for commercial use. But we may use information like name, and email for the third-party advertisement tool to get you the best according to your interest. This will be done only to keep you updated with our new services and products. We shall not share your personal data, especially encrypted data, with any other third party. Our website may contain links to third-party resources. We are not liable for their policies. So, make sure to read their privacy policies before proceeding. 

Right to Information

Every user has their own rights when it comes to their information or personal data. We will only collect data and store them till the time you want. We collect data after you give permission and store them safely. 

You can always unsubscribe or delete your personal data anytime you want. You can contact us at anytime and ask to erase, change or update your data permanently. We will delete all your data unless we have contractual, legal, or other specific reasons for not deleting it. Also, if you stop using your account, our system will automatically delete your data completely. So, your data is safe with us in all scenarios. 

Right to Privacy Policy 

We own the right to change our privacy policy at any time. We can update or change our policy as our business grows or if there are changes in our services. We are not liable for anything by changing our policy. We have complete ownership over changes in our policies. 

You may or may not get updated if there are changes. Read the policy for Xanax High carefully, before accepting, sharing, or availing of any service or product.