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Buy Lortab online: Description, Mechanism, Dosage, and Effects 

People who buy Lortab online may not know its mechanism or potential side effects. However, it is necessary to go through a certain knowledge before using any medication. 

Firstly, when a person experiences pain it can cause a mental effect too. Because sometimes the pain becomes so unbearable that it can stop us from doing our daily chores. Such severe pain conditions need treatment to continue our body movement and life tasks. Therefore, doctors prescribe different medications but the most popular is Lortab. 

What is Lortab?

The pain relieving medication is an opioid and belongs to the drug class of narcotic analgesic combinations. However, it also contains nonopioid drugs implying it is a combination of two drugs namely hydrocodone and acetaminophen. 

Now, hydrocodone is an opioid drug and can act as a pain reliever for moderate to severe pain and as a cough suppressant. The patent took place in 1923 and was available in the market. However, the long-acting formulations in the United States were approved in 2013. 

On the other hand, Acetaminophen also known as paracetamol treats mild to moderate pain and also reduces body temperature by treating fever. Moreover, it is one of the medicines to be on the list of WHO essential medicines. Therefore, around 2020, it became one of the most prescribed medications, selling more than 5 million prescriptions. 

How does Lortab work for pain relief?

The combination of both medications affects certain opioid receptors mainly present in the Central Nervous system. So, they activate mu-opioid receptors and also delta and kappa. Now, these receptors are G-protein coles receptors which are dopamine receptors. So, the dopamine receptors are responsible for pain signaling throughout the body. 

However, the effect of drugs depresses these signals and also neural excitability. Thus, the whole effect stops a person from feeling the pain. However, it can also activate coughs that hydrocodone can help with. So, this is why high doses of the drug can cause respiratory depression. 

What are the adverse effects? 

The potency of the drug has the ability to abuse, overdose, and addiction. Therefore, people may misuse it resulting in some adverse effects which are:

  • Nausea and Vomiting 
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and urinary retention 
  • Hearing loss
  • Pruritis
  • Hypotension
  • Headache 
  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness and Fatigue 
  • Anxiety 
  • Abdominal pain 

These symptoms occur in severe cases as side effects of the drug. Therefore, anyone using Lortab to experience such effects should consult their doctor immediately. 

Dosage Information

The medicine is available on the dose of Lortab 10/500mg. So, the tablet contains 10mg of hydrocodone and 500mg of acetaminophen. But your doctor will decide on the administration of the dose. This is due to the fact that the dose varies on different factors like age, health condition, and severity of the pain. 

However, as per the usual dosage, one needs to take a tablet after every 4-6 hours. But one should not consume more than six tablets in a day. Otherwise, it can cause overdose and addiction that results in various side effects. 

Last Words 

One of the most common health conditions is pain. Also, almost every medical condition comes with little to severe pain. Therefore, everyone may need pain treatment in their lifetime. So, a trustable treatment like Lortab is available. 

However, sometimes urgent access is not possible. This is when you can buy Lortab online. However, most pharmacies may ask for a prescription and which is a good thing. Therefore, buy Lortab 10mg online only from such a reliable pharmacy. 

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