Refund and Return Policy 

The refund and return policy is terms and conditions that revolve around the product return or refund you purchase from us. 

We appreciate your purchase at and hope that our customers are satisfied with it. We understand about the instances where one needs to return or get a refund on some orders. Therefore, we are curating the return and refund policy for making the process easier for both us and our customers. 

Return Terms and Conditions 

Any item purchased from our official website can be returned within 7 days only. The return within the given time will require no extra payment or other charges. All products do not meet the criteria for your return. Products that are unused and not damaged will be considered for return. 

If you receive a different order which is rare or get damaged products, then you can avail the return facility with the accurate proof for the problem with your delivery. Also, with a reasonable reason, you must initiate the refund within 7 days of receiving your delivery. 

For processing the return, you will need to provide all the preferred order details along with a genuine reason for your return. For this, you can mail us at  [email protected] or contact us at our official website. 

Refund Terms and Condition 

After your return gets approved, you can either exchange your product or request for a refund. However, it may take us a few business days to initiate your refund. The refund will start after we have received your products in an acceptable condition. Furthermore, you will receive mail regarding your return if it is accepted or canceled. After that, in case of refund, you will also receive a mail regarding your refund initiation and status. 

However, it may take about 7-10 days to completely process your refund. Till that time, please be patient and cooperate with us. 


No damaged or used product will be returned or refunded. In exceptional cases, if there is a delay in refund, mail or contact us to know the status as we have 24/7 customer support at our website. Moreover, extra charges may apply for returns made after a given time period of 7 days. 

We hope and deliver services to keep our customers satisfied with the purchase made at our website. In case of any queries, contact us anytime to resolve them.